Eco-efficient strategies for our clients’ operations
Environmental comprehensive services for your business
Sustainable environmental services
Future is not disposable

Environmental awareness

An intelligent control is based on sustainable principles.

Every organization depends on the environment to survive, whether using its resources directly or indirectly. The affectation of the environment in the development of your operations endangers their subsistence.

Therefore, the deployment of sustainable controls will assure, in the present and in the future, a balance for all, thereby allowing an equitable, profitable, and environmentally mindful growth.


Comprehensive environmental services

Our experience gives results

We evolve with the current needs

The services we offer are carried out objectively and independently, with the experience of our human capital, extensive technical knowledge, resources and infrastructure necessary to achieve the objectives.

We maintain permanent communication with our clients during the process and in each project we add value to their operations. We work together so that companies are competitive, respecting the environment.

Environmental Consultancy

We develop environmental studies in different industrial and production sectors.

Environmental Lab

LAB-PSI is a comprehensive lab with an ISO 17025 quality system.

Environmental Engineering

We deploy engineering projects by using methodologies oriented to an environmental restoration.

Industrial Hygiene

We apply the process of anticipation, recognition, measurement, assessment, and control of physical, chemical, ergonomic, and biological risk factors.

Environmental Legal Assistance

We provide legal services to national and foreign companies on the Ecuadorian environmental standards so their operations run in a sustainable way.

Environmental Training and Education

We provide training courses on environmental comprehensive subjects for you and your company. We have in-house and on-line courses.

Other services

Assorted services focused on the evaluation and application of efficient alternatives and solutions for every type of project.

Our commitment goes beyond a good service

Values applied to our corporate culture


Social and environmental commitment is evidenced in all of our projects, we foster the performance of activities in a responsible and efficient way during the application of resources.


The quality of our service set us apart, guaranteed by a valuable team of highly-qualified and experienced professionals.


As the ambassadors of our company we feel responsible for its success and complying with the laws and principles. We have zero-tolerance for anti-ethical and irregular conducts when making business with clients and vendors, and we promote transparency to our employees.


Our reputation is based on trust and we manage an open communication culture with our employees and in our relationships with third parties, assuring reliability in the results of each one of our acts.

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Customized, timely, and efficient assistance

We keep our different communication channels opened for assisting our clients whenever they need to and to assure an immediate and accurate response.


Send us your request through our communication channels: web, mail, telephone, and networks.



A commercial assistant will contact you in order to know your requirements, assist you, and send you our offer, always with the intention of closing a correct negotiation.



Once our offer is accepted we plan the service together with the client.


Execution and results

Once the service is performed data is processed and we issue our reports, and notify the client

We know how to do it!

We evolve, protect, and lead

We look innovative alternatives that solve the different problems of our clients aligned to the environmental protection.
Since our inception, we have focused on assessing, analyzing, and searching strategies that allow our clients to minimize their impacts and reduce risks.

We are not only pioneers in the Ecuadorian environmental field, we also lead the consultancy and lab services applying eco-friendly technologies that at the same time allow the development of sustainable business.

We are backed up with a trajectory of more than 25 years of experience.